Create amazing movies
Easy to use, powerful stop-motion animation software


  •  Complete stop-motion animation package
  •  Automatic green-screening/chroma key
  •  Create drawn animations & draw onto captured frames
  •  Rig-removal
  •  Copy, edit, move & delete frames or clips
  •  Instantly zoom in and out of individual frame view or clip view
  •  Onion skinning (overlay the previous frame to making animating easy)
  •  Import sound effects and music or record your own
  •  Import images & video
  •  Powerful video editor - combine imported video files with your animations
  •  Import animated gifs/special effects
  •  Unlimited audio & video tracks
  •  Add titles, credits & speech bubbles with exciting styles.
  •  Time-lapse
  •  Instantly change the framerate of your whole film or individual clips
  •  Add fade transitions between scenes of your film
  •  Change the transparency of individual clips or whole video tracks
  •  Export as MP4 and upload to YouTube or the Zu3D Gallery
  •  Capture images from webcam
  •  Use phone or tablet as a wireless camera