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All achievements have their beginning in an idea...

Man vs Monster dun dun deen

A man fighting a monster.

The Life Cycle Of A Salmon

Animation of the life cycle of a salmon

City Of The Daleks

In a city in 1963 the city is destroed by the darlecks And there is an episode called blood of the cybermen

The Human Body

My first project about the human body

Alien Invasion Episode 2

Here is the next episode of Alien Invasion where Jack and Laurence are taken to the alien base but you will have to watch to find out what happens next. Hope you enjoy!!!

Schrodinger's Cat

Educational (Physics). The Quantum Uncertainty Principle made simple: in under 1 minute!


Friends meet by a pool but....

Save The Bumble Bees

I drew these bees and I animated them to show you how they collect pollen from the flowers. Bees are under threat, plant flowers to save them.

Zog, Tog and Bog

By Joe, Nate & Taran


This is my first attempt at making a short film. I have had loads of fun doing this.


Spacemen and Alien

Night and Day

Short clip about what makes night and day

Dalek Disco

Daleks invade the TARDIS and go Disco... by Ewan (aged 8)

Alien Invasion Episode 1

Here is the first episode of Alien Invasion where Jack and Laurence are in for a little suprise, maybe the suprise of their lives. Hope you enjoy the movie!!!


The attack!

Eb Hb

My movie is about an alien.


A fight between an alien and a spaceman.

Droid Dance

The droids dance

Alien Attack

Five brave astronaughts travel to an unknown world. Only one return...

The Alien Wedding2

A wedding for aliens


Aliens invade a park and cause absoloute chaos!!

Cheeky Alien

Coding set example film.

Alien Audition

This dude doesn't stand a chance of getting the part with this audition...

Dan's Star Wars

Daniels first film with ZU3D, age 6

The Yoda-Phone!

"Help You I Can!" . . . Mobile phone advert produced by Year 13 pupils at St.Leonard's Durham as part of their BTEC studies.

The Human Body

My first video. All about the human body.