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Easy to use, powerful stop-motion animation software
"Zu3D is an intuitive and surprisingly powerful piece of software. It can be tailored to cover all age ranges and abilities."
- PC Pro Magazine
( Jay Stansfield )
"Whilst the software is powerful, the user interface could not be simpler to handle with well laid out tool bars and preview mode together with a comprehensive help package. The range of applications for this software is limited only by the imaginations of the users... ...Zu3D is a very well designed piece of software which will enhance and motivate pupils in a variety of different ways and contribute enormously to both their learning and understanding in an interesting and fun way...."
- SchoolZone
( Edward Walsh, Key Stage 2 Co-Ordinator )
"Zu3D’s been the best xmas present we ever got him! Am recommending to friends all over."
- Sue Lewis
"This is great software! If you want creative, intuitive and motivational stop-motion software then look no further. Everything about this software has been very well thought out. My class absolutely love using it."
- Chris Wild
( Advanced Skills Teacher (ICT) )
"It was really inspirational to see you at Bett, and the Zu3D animation software you produce was the single WOW for me at the show. Fun, funky, highly intuitive and deceptively powerful- with children and high quality learning at its heart."
- Paul Hutton
( Teaching and Learning Consultant )
"This software is amazing! I struggle with even the most basic PC tasks but I found Zu3D so fun to use. Fantastic for people who aren't PC literate!"
- Matthew Jones
"...the best product on the market by a country mile..."
- Phil Sargeant
"Zu3D is really great software, used it a lot in primary. Really powerful but the user interface is perfectly pitched; child friendly but not dumbed."
- Dom Breadmore
( Digital Media Artist )