Create amazing movies
Easy to use, powerful stop-motion animation software

Position your iPad or webcam in front of the set.  

The webcam LEDs are controlled by the dimmer switch on the cable.

Focus the webcam by turning it's black lens.

Open up Zu3D to view the live shot. 

Frames are the individual pictures that make up your animation.

Capture your first frame by pressing the red camera button.

Each frame captured appears in the timeline.

Move your character a small amount and capture another frame, repeat this process to create your animation.

You can play your film back at any point to see how you are getting on

Enhance your film by adding music, sound effects and recording dialogue.

Give your film a title, add speech bubbles and finish the film with credits.

Watch the tutorial video to show you how.


When you have finished your film, you can export it as an MP4 file to share with friends or family.

You can then upload it to the Zu3D gallery, You Tube, Facebook or your own website.