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Getting started

Zu3D iPad Tutorial

An introduction to using all the key features of Zu3D on an iPad. 

This is very similar to using Zu3D on a PC or Mac.

Learn how to capture frames, delete frames, playback your film, copy, paste and reverse clips, change the speed of the film, zoom and out of timeline, add sound effects and music, insert titles, credits and speech bubbles and more!

Duration: 6 mins 30s

Zu3D Overview Tutorial

This tutorial is an introduction to the key features of Zu3D and is a good place to start.

This tutorial was created with Zu3D M on a Windows machine, the interface will match the latest version on Windows, Mac and iPad.  See below for tutorials for the older Windows only version of Zu3D - Zu3D Studio3.

Duration: 7 mins 30s

Green screening

Green screening introduction

This introduction tutorial (without narration) shows what is possible using the 'green screening' feature of Zu3D.  Remove multiple shades of green, import a background and a foreground, and use the rubber and replacer tools to fine tune the result.

Duration: 53s

More green screening

This tutorial shows the process of applying the 'green screening' effect to you film in more detail.   Learn how to take away two different background colours from your film, adjust the tolerance for each colour, apply the green screening effect to your whole film and use the rubber and replacer tools to refine the effect.

Duration: 6 mins 45s

Green screen live action video

This tutorial shows you how to import a live action video into Zu3D and then apply 'greening screening' to remove the background and replace it with something else.

Duration: 5 mins

Live action with stop-motion on an iPad

This short tutorial shows you how to get setup to combine stop-motion animation with live action video on an iPad using green screening.

Duration: 54 seconds

Rig removal

Rig removal on the iPad

This tutorial shows how use the rig removal or 'magic rubber' feature of Zu3D.  This allows you to remove rigs, strings or your hands from frames when filming in front of a real (not green screened) background.  The idea is you capture a frame of the background, without characters, then use this background to draw over the rig.

Duration: 4 mins

Drawing tools

Combing live action video with 2D animation

This tutorial shows how Zu3D can be used to combine live action video with 2D drawn animation.  This can produce some exciting films like "Not a Stick" where children are filmed imagining all the different things a stick could be.

Duration: 11 mins

Introduction to drawing tools

This tutorial shows how you can use the drawing tools in Zu3D to create simple hand drawn animations.  This can be used to great effect in films like "Happy" and "Algorithms". 

Duration: 1 min 24s

Remote camera app

Remote camera app

This tutorial shows how to use an iPad as a remote camera for Zu3D on a PC or Mac.

It also shows how to use the remote camera app to import video straight from the iPad into Zu3D on the desktop machine.

Duration: 3 mins

Import video from an iOS device

This tutorial shows how to import video directly from an iPhone or iPad into Zu3D on a desktop machine.  This provides a quick way to get live action video filmed on a device into your film ready to be combined with animation.

Duration: 1min 15s

Automatic Frame Capture

Automatic Frame Capture

This short tutorial shows how the Zu3D automatic frame capture feature can be used to automatically take a frame every time your hand leaves the shot.   

When enabled this feature looks for movement in front of the camera, when the movement stops Zu3D detects this and takes a frame.  

Duration: 1 min