Create amazing movies
Literacy fused with technology, oracy, art and design



Hands on, fun and inspiring! Our Zu3D workshops are designed to help you get the most out of Zu3D, all workshops are bespoke and will be adapted to your school’s requirements.

How to get started

An introduction to the core features of Zu3D and a chance for staff to have some hands on experience with an expert on hand to advise.


Taster sessions for students

A series of sessions for each class, to introduce and/or make sure they are getting the most out of Zu3D. Each class receives a tutorial and a chance to make their own mini-movie.


Inspire staff to use Zu3D across the curriculum

Literacy to Maths, History to RE, Art to Computing, whatever area of the curriculum you’d like to enhance, we can inspire and advise.


Getting to grips with the advanced features

Learn how to use the more advanced features of Zu3D such as green screening, drawing tools and rig removal.


Create a MEGA mini-movie

We’ll work with you to create a movie that incorporates staff and students in your school. Then we’ll do all the post-production editing to give you a finished film that you can share far and wide.


For more information or any queries about our workshops, please get in touch using the below form.