Create amazing movies
Easy to use, powerful stop-motion animation software
It's easy to create amazing animated films with Zu3D. You can use Zu3D with a webcam on a PC or Mac or download the Zu3D app for the iPad App from the App Store.

Zu3D is suitable for all ages, it is intuitive and easy to use yet has a range of powerful and extensive features allowing you to create professional animations at home.

The quickest and most economical way to get started is one of our Zu3D Animation Kits, which contains everything you need to get started. Alternatively buy one of our licences and use your own webcam/iPad stand and animation accessories.

Getting Started Zu3D Features 

Zu3D Animation Kit

Zu3D Animation Kit

Everything you need to get animating on desktop or iPad. Includes 2 full Zu3D licences.

£59.95inc VAT