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The Perfect Holiday

Here is a family on the perfect holiday!

Introducing the Amazing Knight

An introduction on a new super hero a new film coming soon this is just an introduction on him.

Magic Animations - Household Objects go Wild!

I had an idea that I could make items in my household come to life! This includes a stapler, a notepad and a tissue, + many more! Will be uploading some LEGO friends btw so I hope you will watch those too. 5 * plz! Thanks!

Shuttle Lift-off preparation

This is my first LEGO animation! Hope you enjoy!

Halloween 2013: The Witch

A Halloween animation about a witch and her creation. For more of my animations please go to:

Robberies through the ages: The Present

The second video of the Robberies through the ages series. It is action-packed and very detailed.

Big Ben Lego

Lego model of Big Ben

Mine Quest

A Lego film made by a small group of Y6 children. They wrote the story, designed the characters, made the backgrounds and wrote script.



Mr Young's Christmas 3

Best Christmas ever! Santa arrives & the work begins

Lego Guardians of the Galaxy trailer

This is my first proper animation. More coming soon!

The Race - Carpet Battle

The Race - Carpet Battle is a film where two race cars compete against each other in a race. Who will win? A PyleProduction Film


This is about a guy who gets attacked by some bad guys and builds a hovercraft to fight them.

Big Ben Finished

Big Ben lego

Christmas 2013

A Christmas themed animation. Please enjoy!

Duel episode 1

This is episode 1 in my duel series. It might seem boring but that was nothing compared to what's coming next. Episodes will be about 2 to 4 mins long mostly. Leave a comment and watch the preview.

Moving LEGOS!!!!!!!!!

This is a movie of astounding things such as Moving LEGOs!! (of course)!!!!!!!!!

Experiencing Skyblock-Lego Minecraft Animation

Hi guys this is one of my new lego minecraft videos hope you like :)

The Mission

The Mission Is a great family-fun film created by Pyle Production Flims. It is my best stop-motion yet, but there will be more to come.

Heartlake City Pool - LEGO Friends

My sister's LEGO Friends obsession has proved handy once again as I produce the second of my LEGO Friends series. To find the first of these films, search for 'Emma at the Horse Races - LEGO Friends'. Sorry for all the cuts, my sister nudged the camera more than once...

Otis Vid

Penguin's Rail Journey

Asperger Stories with Suede Fan Steve: Flat Fail

I'm a Mum with Asperger Syndrome; my son has Asperger Syndrome too. We try to see the funny side of things! I love Lego and the band Suede.

the boggan family episode 1

Ever wanted to see life-like Lego with facial features moving? Then keep on watching Lewis, Finley, Arthur and Andrew Boggan at lfkpics.

Haunted House

A lego film


Lego HEROFACTORY models dancing to the song Happy.

The Dungeon

Steve Adventures In The Dungeon


The story of Rapunzel