Romeo & Juliet

Published by Year 9 on 15 July 2010
This famous story, animated and abridged in a collaborative class project

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Take an Oscar
by Miss Scott on 12 October 2010
Seriously impressed. It's a shame the two familes couldn't work together as well as you all did. Hope you feel pleased with yourselves.
by Mrs J Golds on 27 July 2010
I really enjoyed this , well done year 9 .
by emma on 26 July 2010
Excellent work. Well done to all of you. It was very entertaining.
on 26 July 2010
Fantastic! Well done.
by Joanna on 22 July 2010
WOW! You put me to shame! The best way to see Romeo and Juliet or any other Shakespeare!! Sorry Mrs. Baker!
by Madame Mustill on 22 July 2010
Well done year 9 - what a brief and brilliant version of Romeo & Juliet. Congratulations - Mrs W
by Mrs Wicks on 20 July 2010
I am so impressed with your work group 9. I think William Shakespeare would have enjoyed seeing this too. Well done
by Mrs Salter on 18 July 2010

on 16 July 2010
I like it, well done. A little slow at times - viewers might begin to lose interest. But you used a good mix of voice & captions. Great choice of music too.
by ian on 16 July 2010
Love the anachronistic dialogue! Very good mixture of text and action! Very good :) Oh and the music is powerful too. Good choice :)
by @Mr_Thorne on 16 July 2010
Well done Gp.9 You have it in a nutshell (or is it Lego block?). The story is so sad - just shows how daft humans can be when the don't listen to each other! I can't wait for your next rendition. Othello is my favourite. He was a dope too. PS
by Mrs. P. Stephens on 16 July 2010
Year 9! You manged to tell the tale of Romeo and Juliet, so well in under 5 minutes. You all should be very proud of yourselves. I look forward to your next movie - Keep up the good Work Mr H
by Mr H on 16 July 2010
What a fantastic animation! A really entertaining version of the famous story with great speech and sound effects. Well done!
by Mr. Warner on 16 July 2010

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