Webcam or DV Camera

Zu3D should work with any video device which provides "streaming video" to a PC.  This should include all webcams and all usb or firewire DV cameras.  If you are having problems with a particular type of camera please let us know via the support pages and we will help you out.

Zu3D Original & Studio3

Will work on Macs, PCs & iPads and has the following requirements. 
Minimum Specification:
PC: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8 or 10 and a  1.4Ghz or equivalent processor,
MAC: OSX 10.8 (Mountain Lion) or higher. 
iPad:  iOS6 or higher 
PC & Mac
512MB RAM (1GB for Vista or Windows7)
350MB Disk Space,
800*600 resolution screen.
Recommended Specification: 
2.06Ghz+ Processor,
2GB RAM(Vista/Windows7),
500GB+ Disk Space,
1024*768 or greater resolution screen.
You will also need something to animate! 
NB Internet Explorer 9 users may receive the message 'Zu3D is not commonly downloaded and could harm your computer.' We are currently resolving this with Microsoft, but in the meantime please click 'Run anyway.'  Zu3D will not harm your computer.