Animate Learning

Animate Learning is the culmination of over 3 years worth of research and development around digital inclusion, learning to learn and parental engagement. Through a range of funding, the Campaign for Learning have worked with over 500 families, delivering over 40 animation courses across the UK. 

Comments from Dads' feedback….. 

How did the course help your relationship with your children? 

‘Once focussed we could work together as a team & enjoy something that seemed daunting’
‘This course has made me rethink the way I learn with her or teach her’.
‘We worked together well without arguments’
'Became better at not imposing my view and letting him take decisions'
'I wanted to be part of his growing and learning and the activity to involve me was fantastic'
'We're closer. He always tells me his stories. I try harder to listen, even when I'm busy'

How did the course help your relationship with your children’s school?

'Got to see the layout of the school and his interactions with teachers'
'It opened the door to the whole school class coming to my work'
'School now appears much more approachable'

What would you like to do next for yourself your family & your children?

'Find some animation courses; see if my other kids could try similar schemes'
'Get more time away from work to spend with my daughter.'
'Set targets for projects for all to enjoy'
'To give my children more of my time'

I’m more confident because…….

'I have realised that more people want to learn with their children'
'I realise that the courses are fun and the people who organise them are approachable'
'We  took on what was a difficult production & achieving It;  we can do anything now!'

Final comments

'Both had fun, and achieved some good work, we feel we can work together better in the future.'
'I proved to myself that I can find the time for such courses'

Comments from Children’s feedback

What new things have you learnt about your dad?

'We both like rude noises, Daddy also likes camels and Daddy's fun'
'Dad will take time off work to spend with me'
'He is good at thinking hard; he makes sure everyone is Ok with what they are doing; he can work well as a team'
'He is very creative; patient; good at working with people'
'He's happier, he's changed he's chatty'
'That he actually has patience'
'We both work well as a team'
'That he is more fun to work with than I realised'

Would you now go to your dad for help?

'A bit more often, because some of the things I thought he didn't know, he knew'
'A lot more often as we now spend more time together'
'A lot more often, now that I know he can help me.'
'Yes because now my dad spends time with me.'
'Yes, I hardly did anything with my dad before and now I want do/ make loads of videos'

Final comments from Children....

'I really enjoyed it, it was the funniest thing I have done in ages' 
'It was really fun, and I loved working with dad.'