Zu3D is an animation program made specifically for schools. It has been developed through primary school ICT Clubs and with the expert knowledge of a professional animator. This software is visually stimulating and engaging for children of all ages. It is easy to use and enables children to work independently on their very own stop-motion animation. It provides a tool for learning across all primary subjects and is an excellent resource for our developing creative curriculum.

In the recent review of the primary curriculum learning through the arts was highlighted as a priority. “Through the arts, children will also develop original ideas, explore issues and solve problems. Children will take part in different activities – from singing and composing their own music to photography and animation.”

Animation is a multi-faceted form of art. You have to create a story, create characters, make them from clay or plasticine, design and make sets, compose soundtracks or select appropriate recorded music to enhance a film. Animation means children have to solve problems, make decisions and judgements, evaluate and improve their projects and review and reflect on their learning. Zu3D is a powerful tool that demands all of these things from our pupils as they have fun with their friends making a film, often not realising that they are in fact working hard, learning new skills, applying new theories and sharing fresh ideas.

“Design, dance, drawing, photography, drama, animation and music are all possible areas for teachers to explore, and they can all cut across to other subjects in exciting ways.”