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New users

If you have a Zu3D licence download Zu3D here and enter your activation code when prompted.
If you don't have a licence yet you can still download Zu3D and use the 7 day trial. Once the 7 days are up you can choose to buy a full licence and we will email you an activation code.

This is the single user version of Zu3D.

Bought a Multi Platform Site Licence (network licence) for your school or college?
Please refer to the installation instructions in your confirmation email.
Please read the system requirements before downloading Zu3D.

Existing users

Use this download to update your installation of Zu3D.

Your registration details will be retained on your computer after the update.  
This is the brand new 2016 version of Zu3D.
Zu3D M is currently not compatible with earlier versions of Zu3D (Windows)
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Zu3D M Version 3.5.82 (243.81 MB)
By downloading this file you are agreeing to the
Zu3D terms and conditions.

Older Zu3D

This is the latest version of Zu3D 3.0 - download this verison if you want to continue working on projects you have made in Zu3D 3.0.x or earlier

Any problems..... contact us via the Support Pages.